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11/9/19 King Ridge Rd Construction/Closure Update

Received from Supervisor Hopkins' Office:

Here is the latest information for King Ridge Road. Feel free to share as needed with the understanding that unanticipated construction conditions such as hard rock encountered beneath the road, etc., and weather could alter/delay/change the approach:

There are 5 sites but really 3 locations. The middle 3 sites are so close to each other, and there are no driveways between these sites, that the same road closure set up will be used. Only one closure location will utilized at a time. No one will be trapped between road closures.

Message boards have been placed warning of the upcoming work. Once construction begins the message will be changed to state where the road is closed, such as " Road Closed 5 miles Ahead." We feel that people who regularly drive this road will soon learn where we are working and which direction to travel.

For people who are not familiar with the roads in this area, detailed detour signs describing the route to take will be installed on Tuesday. At the Cazadero end the sign will say something like, "King Ridge Rd closed for slide repair. Use Fort Ross Road." There will also be a detour arrow pointing towards Fort Ross Road. At the intersection with Hauser Bridge Rd/Tin Barn Rd/King Ridge Rd the sign will say, "King Ridge Rd closed for slide repair. Use Hauser Bridge Rd to Sea View Rd to Fort Ross Rd." The message board stating how far ahead the closure is will be placed nearby so that both can be seen together.

Generally the road closures will be 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. The first closure will be the farthest from town for about 1 week. Then the closure will move to the site closest to town for about 2 weeks. Finally the closure will move to the middle 3 sites for about 3-4 weeks. Work will continue at the first location when the closure moves to the next location but the road will be open with standard traffic control and flaggers. It is really the size of the drill rigs that will be used to start the repairs that are triggering the road closures. The other, more standard road building activities can happen with traffic control in place and some delay to motorists.

More location/schedule detail if you're interested:

Beginning Tuesday 11/12 work will begin on the first location at Post Mile 13.53. This is 3.53 miles towards Cazadero from the Hauser Bridge Rd/Tin Barn Rd intersection. Equipment will be moved to the site on Monday but the road will not close until Tuesday. 

Beginning Monday 11/18 work will begin on the location closest to Cazadero at Post Mile 25.62. I think it is Xxxxx driveway that is in the middle of this site. We will make contact with him directly before we start this location to coordinate when he needs to come and go from his property. We will do our best to make sure he has reasonable access.

I will update you with schedule information for the middle 3 sites when we get closer to starting there.I hope I've given you enough information to respond to the inquiries. Please feel free to contact me again if you need more data. I will try to keep you informed of schedule changes. Projects like this one often do not go as planned so please have patience with us as we try to stabilize this important road. Thanks for your help.