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3/24/20. Emergency Food Distribtuion in Jenner

Wednesday April 1st
From 10 to 11 am, the Redwood Empire Food Bank will be at the parking area
between the Jenner Inn and the Sea Store.
Groceries will be available: Here are guidelines and basic information. 
Please bring bags and boxes for your food. You should expect to provide a
signature, address and # of people in your household. Additionally, seniors
wishing to get a senior box will have to show an identification. (More on
the senior box below).
Proxies: we do have a process in place whereby people can get food for
someone else by virtue of the appropriate form and signature. (If you or a
neighbor require a proxy form or delivery of a food box, please reply
Food programs: we have two types of food programs available in Jenner:
Senior Box: this is a wine-case sized box of shelf-stable goods (cans of
soup, fruit and/or vegetables, things like rice, dry beans and other food.)
This requires completion of a form with details of address, DOB, ID number,
& statement of one's Race/Ethnicity. We will have people sign up on the
first day. There is also a requirement to self-certify their income. This
means we don't ask for any documentation or do any checking. It's up to the
customer to confirm their income levels. Each senior in the household or
address is eligible for a box. This means a household with two seniors can
get two boxes. 
Groceries 2 Go: this food consists of a greater variety and quantity of 
fresh fruits, vegetables, canned goods and usually some milk (fresh and
shelf-stable) and eggs. There is often bread and frozen meat products as
well. Groceries 2 Go is available to anyone irrespective of age. We just
need a signature and an address. Again, eligibility is based on
self-certification of income. The designated quantity of food is available
on a per household (per address) basis. This means each household gets the
same amount of food whether there is one person or five people living in
the house. 
Corona virus: As you might imagine, the virus has changed a lot of the
standard procedure above. We will maintain the best practices suggested to
the public over the last few weeks while distributing the food. If you have
your own gloves, masks and hand-sanitizers please bring them. We will have
gloves and hand-sanitizer available. 
  After the April 1st Emergency Food Give-Away, plans are in place to
offer the Food Bank grocery pick-up every 3rd Wednesday of each month
from 10 to 11:00 am.
  We have enough volunteers signed up for April 1st, but if you would
like to volunteer for 3rd Wednesdays please reply
to or sign up at the April 1st event.