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May contain: tree and plant
                       Fire Station #1.            5980 Cazadero Hwy
May contain: shelter, rural, building, outdoors, nature, countryside, housing, tree, plant, and house
                     Fire Station #2.            1305 Austin Creek Rd

Learn more about the equipment that protects our community.

May contain: machine, vehicle, truck, and transportation
Emergency lighting and charging station for use during Public Safety Public Shutoff events.  These units are strategically placed at each station for standby lighting and the emergency charging of residents cell phones, medical devices, etc.
May contain: transportation, vehicle, truck, and fire truck
A 2104 Type 3 4x4 unit for fighting brush and wildland fires
May contain: truck, vehicle, fire truck, and transportation
Water Tender
May contain: truck, vehicle, and transportation
Water Tender 3,000 gallon capacity
May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and fire truck
Squad Truck - Rescue Squad for Medical Emergencies
May contain: truck, vehicle, transportation, and fire truck
Brush Truck 
May contain: vehicle, transportation, truck, and fire truck
Retired from Service - 1942 Chevrolet 1-1/2 ton Military chassis.  Purchased in 1948 as cab and chassis military surplus.  Delivered to L. N. Curtis & Sons in Oakland, CA for hose bed & pump installation, outfitting with fire equipment, painted red and lettered (over the o.d. green ) and returned to Cazadero. In service from 1948-1971 - 250 gpm pump, 500 gallon tank. Restored in 1998 (and presented at Caz 50th anniversary during annual Fireman’s Ball)