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PoIe Mountain Lookout is now open!

May contain: building, tree, and plant

With an estimated 1 million dead Tan Oaks, a warming climate and fire conditions not seen since the Lookout was first established, we are hoping to expand our services now. We have plans for a new, sleek steel framed lookout that is getting engineering stamps and permits for a May 2019 build to be in place next year!

We are currently testing four Smoke detecting cameras with NIR that pick up heat and images in the dark as well as a standard WebCam. We will also be part of the new AlertNorthbay camera system being deployed at Lake Sonoma. These cameras are part of the University of Nevada Reno system and depends on humans to monitor visible smoke/fire. We are very excited to work with them and hope to have an additional Alert wildfire camera on Mohrhardt Ridge and maybe Meyers Grade. We will have a crowd source of eyes locally as well as a feed via the fiber to St. Helena/CalFire Dispatch for monitoring.

The Lookout has a radio on Murs 5 and all MURS channels available to communicate directly with the community. MURS radios can be purchased off the shelf and the channels can be programed on most radios. You can also call the lookout at 707-632-4143.

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